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Wednesday 13 January 2021

Reflection and Learnings: Leadership in a Pandemic

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

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Tuesday 15 December 2020

5 Steps to Supercharge Your 2021 Business Performance

Seeing the end of 2020 sounds appealing. It's been a year like no other with restrictions,...

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Why Choose NetSuite ERP to Improve Business Performance?

If you’ve been researching ERP software options and the different vendors out there, it’s likely...

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How to Compare ERP Systems and Plan the Right Choice

Have you ever been to the supermarket and found yourself paralysed by which one of four...

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Business Process Improvement – Can It Really Empower Growth?

Many businesses out there are up against tough competition. Not only that, but they’re often...

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Agile and Waterfall Project Management - Can They Work Together?

Before undertaking a project, one of the most crucial decisions is which approach you want to...

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Managing the Mental Health of You and Your Team During Covid-19

Managing the Mental Health of You and Your Team

If you are feeling your mental health has...

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Leadership During the Coronavirus Pandemic



Vision and Values during COVID

They are on ‘Your’ Bus

Your staff want to know your vision....

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5 Steps Companies Can Take to Capitalise on Adversity

Sometime during the first week of March, Michael Schmidtmann got a call from a client whose...

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NetSuite’s New Updates Help Accountants Accomplish More While Working Remotely

Manual processes are the bane of accounting departments everywhere. They are time-intensive,...

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