Leadership During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Leadership During the Coronavirus Pandemic



Vision and Values during COVID

They are on ‘Your’ Bus


Your staff want to know your vision. They are effectively on ‘your bus’, your business vehicle and as such, they naturally want to know where the bus is going and have confidence in the bus driver. If staff don’t trust the driver or like the destination (vision), or don’t know where the bus is going, they will start to think about getting off the bus, take increased sick leave and lose motivation.

Make sure your team know the vision, values and purpose of the business. Make sure you keep them updated on the destination as this may change due to COVID and various lockdowns and re-openings.

Make sure you demonstrate qualities that give them confidence in you the driver of the bus. Demonstrate hope, confidence, certainty in strategy (even if it’s a flexible strategy, at least be certain about it), enthusiasm, understanding and compassion.

This pandemic requires businesses to be flexible but one thing you should not be flexible on are your values (e.g. quality and service). Communicate this to your team and your customers.

Ask your team, ‘how can we add a quantum leap in value during this period?’ What might an ‘ideal solution’ look like?

This gets everyone thinking outside the popular doom and gloom and could generate ideas to help you survive and thrive.

Leadership Models and Strategies to Consider

Survive or dive will be based on your leadership during this pandemic.

Below are several leadership models and strategies that may trigger ideas of how you lead during a pandemic - select the one that you resonate with or seems applicable.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Fast forward three years...how do you want staff, customers and suppliers to remember your actions during COVID? What sort of leadership do you want to be remembered for? When you look back on this pandemic, how did you handle COVID ? What would make you proud?

Tip: write a list and keep it handy and review regularly...especially when things get tough.


Regular Communication

Communication conducted regularly and openly is the key during a pandemic and this includes communication with staff, customers and suppliers.

When it comes to staff, make sure:

  • You have scheduled meetings or catchups to provide updates and hear their questions and concerns and to check-in on their mental health
  • Make sure meetings are scheduled, don’t just leave the meetings up to chance or when convenient. This creates uncertainty and staff will feel unheard, nervous and unsupported.
  • Make sure there is a recognised avenue to approach you with concerns or questions. Be aware that staff burnout can be an issue as much as anxiety.

  • Make sure changes that need to occur are clearly communicated and check they are understood.

  • And make sure there is some fun allowed! 


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