10 Best B2B Websites of 2019

10 Best B2B Websites of 2019

According to Kuno Creative, a US-based web design a digital marketing company, your website should reflect how you feel about solving your customers' challenges. Just because it's a B2B website doesn't mean it needs to be dull or uninspired. The visual appeal and user experience of a site is still just as important to a user who runs or manages another business.

Kuno Creative believes that successful B2B websites should achieve the following:

  • Offer a pleasing visual/user experience
  • Answer their questions
  • Function across multiple platforms (phone, desktop, tablet)
  • Load quickly
  • Captivate attention/combat short attention spans by giving the viewer immediately what they want

That's a sound assessment of what a B2B website should aim for. So, the team at JCurve Solutions (ASX: JCS) were very happy to see our own JCS website on the list of the 10 best B2B websites of 2019.

If you're thinking of building or improving your B2B website, take a look at the top 10 list for some inspiration.

Do you have other ideas on what makes a great B2B site? Let us know in the comments what you believe is important for a top B2B website in 2019!

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