Demand Changes Call for Strategic Decisions, Backed by Cloud Technology

Demand Changes Call for Strategic Decisions, Backed by Cloud Technology

Melbourne based furniture wholesaler, retail and eCommerce company Interior Secrets has seen significant demand changes in recent times. The shift to “work from home” has boosted sales opportunities – and Interior Secrets now looks to cloud technology to support fast scalability, streamline operations, and inform strategic, future-focused decisions.

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Interior Secrets was founded in 2009. One decade on, it continues to go from strength to strength as a rapidly expanding online and in-store supplier of designer furniture. The company operates two large warehouses and two stylish showrooms, supplying direct-to-consumer, with distinctive and exclusive furniture pieces at competitive prices.

Driven by owner and well-regarded entrepreneur, Bill Huynh, the business has recently decided to enhance 
operational efficiency and target continued business success by leveraging cloud-based technology; specifically cloud ERP business management software. After a comprehensive selection process evaluating several ERP solutions, Bill chose
NetSuite as the solution to support the company’s future growth plans for both brands with JCurve Solutions (ASX: JCS) as the ERP implementation partner of choice.

Despite the challenges presented in navigating a COVID-19-impacted business landscape, Bill and the team looked at the opportunities to continue increasing sales. Understanding the need to support demand changed, now and in the future, the Interior Secrets team pushed forward to implement a NetSuite ERP solution – an insightful decision during these times. With Australians spending more time in their homes than ever before and an increased need for setting up home offices, it was the right time to improve the business’ technology.

The company previously used multiple, disparate software applications across its operations and frequently used separate project management tools. The business was suffering from the inefficiencies of manual data entry, duplicated data, and a lack of live visibility across business operations.

NetSuite will allow Interior Secrets to leave its old, legacy systems and spreadsheets behind. The business will now take advantage of inventory tracking and automation while bringing in live data via seamless integration with its Shopify eCommerce platforms.

“Previously we used a specialised inventory software to manage our point of sales. Our sales systems were, therefore, inefficient and neglected valuable insights to make strategic decisions.”

While discussing the project, JCurve Solutions aligned with the team’s primary goals and objectives to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved throughout the implementation process and when the solution is go-live ready.

Interior secrets 4 With NetSuite, the business aims to track supply chain activities from inventory purchase to processing and final fulfilment to customers. A focus will also be placed on improved operational processes, management of resources to support growth, and real-time visibility of critical business data. By streamlining data collection, analysis, and reporting, strategic decision-making will become more accurate and agile.

Looking to the future, JCurve Solutions was also informed of Interior Secrets’s “must-haves” for a business management solution to strategically drive success and support the business through indefinite scalability. With the cloud technology backing of NetSuite, the world’s #1 cloud software suite, Interior Secrets and Interior Secrets can be confident of the solution carrying them well into the future.

The team at JCurve Solutions are committed to a smooth implementation process, transitioning Interior Secrets onto to the NetSuite platform, and providing great usability of the system for all staff members.

We are thrilled to be part of the Interior Secrets journey, creating a technology partnership that allows the business to target more showrooms and add additional product lines.

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