Crafting Beers and Business to Perfection with JCurve ERP

Crafting Beers and Business to Perfection with JCurve ERP

Two Birds Brewing is Australia’s first female-run brewing company. The unique craft brewing nest of co-owners, Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen was built out of their desire for the finer things in life – including a good beer or two.

Their nest took shape in Spotswood, Melbourne’s inner-west after their launch of Golden Ale in 2011 and Sunset Ale in 2012. Over time the business expanded to accommodate functions such as production, wholesale, consumer direct sales, and a state-of-the-art brewery, bottling line and tasting room.

Like all birds, Jayne and Danielle’s business had begun spreading its wings growing from the nest into the wild. They needed the infrastructure that would enable their long journey from a small wholesale business to a manufacturing, wholesale, retail and online business, with stockists including Dan Murphy’s, Booze Bud and Beer Cartel. At this point, Jayne and Danielle realised they needed better systems to gain visibility across the operations and support continued growth

One of the factors that aided their success was their implementation of JCurve ERP, the small business edition of NetSuite. The business’ rapid growth has been noticed with Danielle being featured on NetSuite’s Podcast. Danielle shares her tips and insights on the business’ success.

Catch the podcast above to find out the recipe which acted as a mould for the success of Two Birds Brewing. 

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