ACE+ Chooses Riyo to Bring Fresh Innovation to Service Delivery

ACE+ Chooses Riyo to Bring Fresh Innovation to Service Delivery

Service, safety and sustainability through innovation; those are the values that have kept ACE+ in high demand – and what an enjoyable journey it has been working with the ACE+ team on the goal to further innovate and provide memorable customer experiences using technology.


I can honestly say that I have never had the pleasure of dealing with a highly professional team that had such a great office culture and spirit. As Perth’s trusted 24/7 multi-service provider plumbing, gas, electrical, roof plumbing and property maintenance services to Commercial Clients, it’s obvious that a part of the company’s success has been due to the understanding and respect that all employees have for each other. From the leadership to every individual at the company the relationships, inclusiveness and team spirit were unlike any customer I have ever dealt with previously, especially at their size.

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As an innovative and growing company with 90 employees, ACE+ is exploring how the cutting-edge service management software, Riyo, can help them simplify, save time, and quickly scale its services when needed. All ACE+ departments and individuals were involved in the decision making process and had their part to play which was very refreshing to see. While they may not have had the best selection in their AFL teams they made up for this by being genuine, ambitious and just fantastic guys to work with.

GM, David Bilclough mentioned that “With service being at the heart of what ACE+ do we had to change the game to simplify service delivery and ensure quality. Top of mind was the ability to support their staff most effectively and easily perform their roles for the business and not engage with manual administrative, low-value tasks.” A shift to automation, standardisation and driving a proactive approach to service delivery coupled with the need to always impress the customer with a standout experience were all pivotal in the decision to move to the Riyo and NetSuite solution.

From a Riyo perspective, it was great to see progressive business thinkers digest the value that is on offer in the solution. Moving away from a web based job and project management solution and reimaging how they can mould technology to fit their processes. A modern, intuitive framework that is driving business optimisation starting with the user experience which facilitates user adoption and will continue to evolve with their business and their processes. Our footprint in the construction and maintenance industry continues to grow as do the advancements in the product which is all very exciting. Joining in the uberficiation of services with the likes of South East Water, Allshelter, Danthonia and others we are certainly disrupting industry and making some positive noise in market.   

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This decision was made to future proof the business from a technology standpoint and ensure that they continue to be the market leaders in the way they deliver services and always put the customer first. GM, David Bilclough believes the solution will positively impact customer experience, profitability and the sustainability and stability of the business for many years to come. Areas that he believes will really have gains are:

  • Vastly improved and enriched communication between the office, field staff and customers
  • The uberfication of service delivery from compliance through to delivery and customer feedback
  • Automating allocation of service works allows us to leverage off the smarts of technology to find the best suited resource for the job taking into consideration availability, compliance, qualification, customer preferences, location and past rating
  • Compliance and document capture are embedded within the solution in real-time
  • Field data capture will allow us to evolve our operations with critical service metrics that we can analyse to continually improve
  • Live dashboards are rich with relevant data to make sure we keep ahead and maximize profitability while also picking up early any potential issues
  • Greater cost controls through real-time insights greater visibility and greater transparency and visibility on projects and maintenance jobs
  • Seamless integration allows information flow from operations to finance without having information silos
  • Improved best practice business process where the technology moulds to meet our requirements not the other way around
  • Mobile access for the field staff  to receive and capture data in real-time
  • A platform that will allow the business to scale through service optimisation, expand the range of services offered and delivering a second to none service for their customers

It is an extremely exciting development for Riyo and ACE+, as we work together towards delivering service excellence and constant improvement to stay ahead of the game. I know this is going to be an extremely positive mutually beneficially relationship that I am really looking forward to.

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